We took some time to answer the most common questions regarding our Pub Crawl. Please check ‘em out and if they don´t clarify your doubt, don´t hesitate to write us: info@carpechepe.com

What is a Pub Crawl?

A Pub Crawl is a night activity where we will take you out for a night walk and show you how beautiful San José looks at night. We’ll conveniently stop by a few bars in the way to refresh ourselves with delicious beverages and combat the exhaustion.

How old do I have to be?

Since we will visit bars that serve liquor, this is an activity exclusive for people with at least 18 years of age. For this reason you must bring a valid government issued photo ID. (ie. driver’s license or your home ID)

Will you pick me up at my hostel?

If you’re staying with one of the associated hostels (see list below), yes, one of our guides will pick you up at your lobby.

Our associated hostels are:
Costa Rica Backpackers
Hostel Urbano
Stolas Hostel
Hostel Van Gogh
In case you’re not staying with any of our Associated Hostels, you can still join us at our Start Point at 7pm: Costa Rica Backpackers (Ave. 6 Between 21st and 23rd St.).

What if I´m running late?

If you can’t make it on time for 7pm you can still meet a guide at Craic Irish Pub (Ave. 2, 25th st.) until 9pm.

Will you bring me back to my hostel?

The last bar of the tour closes quite late, so you’re free to stay out until you body asks for a break. That said, no, we will not bring you back to your hostel. We will however provide you with a cab number at the tour start in case you need one. If you’re gonna stop a cab out in the street remember that ONLY the red ones with the yellow triangles on the doors are registered cabs and don’t forget ask for the meter (we call it ¨la maría¨) before you get in!