La Carreta – Costa Rica’s first nightlife shuttle

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This is not a party bus – It’s the way to the party

This is Costa Rica’s first nightlife hop-on hop-off tour. Our service takes you from one bar to the next and provide you with a nightlife menu for you to choose your favorite spot. And if you decide it’s time to move, no worries, we’ll be back for you. This is not only a fun way to see the city, but it’s also a safe and responsible one: you drink and we drive.

Check out the route, stops and track our bus real time location here

Oh, and also: There’s an app for that! Get it for FREE

It’s a hand job! 

We’re true believers of craftsmanship. Everything that’s made by hand, with patience and passion imprints a piece of the soul of the artist into their work. So we called in three local artists to intervene our bus, and each one of them gave it’s touch to the project.

Gerardo Picado, AKA Mr Masking has left his mark all over the city. He created his own graphic style armed with nothing but a roll of masking tape, some sponges and paint. His work was been compiled in the book “Mr. Masking: La Obra de Gerardo Picado” by Pupila Studio.

Mr. Masking

Mr. Masking

Luis Guillermo Madrigal is a traditional Sarchí artisan, where the tradition to hand-paint ox carts is kept alive. He also put his own touch to the rear of our bus.

Luis Madrigal

Gussa, urban artist from San José has also left his mark all over the city and some other major graffiti capitals of the world always putting up a smily face to pass-byers.

Brushes, over 500m of masking tape, and a lot of patience is what took to get this task done.

Take some time to visit some of his work on his FB Fanpage.

Check out the process:

EcoFurniture by Palart506 

Junior is a pretty crafty guy and with some pallets, screws and a lot of passion, he can make whatever’s on your mind. Our souvenir shop and craft beer bar were custom made for La Carreta by him.

La Carreta Carpe Chepe


And here’s the final product. We can’t thank enough to all the people who put a little piece of their hearts on this projects.



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