The Carpe Chepe Staff



Warning: don’t be deceived for her short size; she will party like a rock star.

This costarrican saxophonist loves good music, good books, good beers and fun conversations.
Besides teaching saxophone lessons and playing in a rock band, she has done extensive investigations on San Jose’s nightlife for many years (with lots and lots of field work).
Iva has a particular sense of humor and good memory for weird or fun facts and is always willing to share them and learn some more.

Speaks: Spanish, English, some Portuguese and French



Rolo loves this country so much that he postponed traveling until he had explored most of it. His enjoyment of San José got boosted up not too long ago; you will probably hear his story about that. What we will tell you right now is that through him, you will see a Chepe full of wonderment and discovery, like it was new for him as well.

Speaks: Spanish, English



This psychology student is always craving for cookies. Although she’s the youngest one in our staff, she keeps a rocking attitude with a party spirit. Born in San José –”tica” as the “gallopinto” itself-, she grew up surrounded by arts which make´s easy to understand her big passion for music. She plays keyboards in a rock band and double bass in an orchestra (kind of having a double identity). Loves to meet new people and exchange words, music, quotes, and a little bit of her beloved country with them.

Speaks: Spanish, English and Spanglish.



Being raised in the back of a Harley by a hippie dad and an uptown mom, he’s far from a city-boy. As a compulsive wanderer of the city’s streets and a local DJ, he often ends up hunting the good venues wherever they lurk. He’s got quite an affinity for trivia & fun facts, and will always greet any conversations that start with a “did you know?”

Speaks:Spanish, English



This girl is what we call a citizen of the world. She was born in Costa Rica but her family is from all over the world. After a few travels, all she can say is that Costa Rica is one of the coolest countries in the globe. She is a translator, a yoga enthusiast, and a nature lover who always loves good party… quite the combination right? She loves to travel and meet new people; and her philosophy in life is just to live the moment to the fullest and have fun!

Speaks: Spanish, English and French



His first name is Jose, but he shares more with the city than just the name. He grew up in an old neighborhood called “Los Ángeles”; in fact, his grandfather owned a grocery store there. That´s why he spent a lot of time exploring every corner in San José and their history.  He’s also an architecture lover, which makes him really into Chepe’s beautiful buildings.

He studied tourism because he deeply loves his country and likes sharing with the visitors the best of Costa Rica. Rest assured, you will have a great night out with him and his party spirit.

Speaks: Spanish and English


This lady has been rocking Chepe since 1988, born in the heart of the city where she learned to walk the streets and dance the beats. Her constant search for trees to hug and people to meet led her to a year’s adventure around the country’s northern beaches. But Chepe’s vibrant colors and music lured this environmental lawyer back to her beloved city. Eager to rediscover it with anyone who’s ready to drink, dance and party the night away.

Speaks: Spanish, English, Italian and French



Charly was born in Barrio Luján, one of the oldest neighborhoods in San José. A full time musician, beer lover, paladin of Chepe’s night life; always with a joke or a funny story to tell. Couchsurfing fan since 2007. If you want to sing and have a good time, Charly is the person you’re looking for.

Speaks: Spanish, English, some French and Italian.



Born and raised in San José by a panamenian family. This side of his heritage surfaces when he´s drunk and salsa music is playing! CouchSurfing is to blame for unveiling his passion for showing travelers around his hometown. He loves to learn new languages and sharing cultural experiences, you never know when knowing how to ask for a beer in Chech or Mandarin might become handy, right?

Speaks: Spanish, English, French, and Portuguese